Friday 13 January 2012

Feedback and Starting a Half-Marathon

One notices when things have got back to normal after the Christmas and New Year break with the bright lights being taken down and put away for another year and the quiet Friday before the second weekend in January with people being either still hungover, or perhaps more likely, spent up after the holiday period. meanwhile, work has continued to progress as normal at Autism Works.

Already, we have had some good news in 2012. Though I am not at liberty at this stage to go into details of our software testing work due to non-disclosure agreements, I can happily say that feedback suggests that our clients have so far been very impressed with our work. To hear such encouraging feedback is often good for confidence and helps to develop self-esteem in many people with Asperger's Syndrome. Personally, I have found that such feedback can be a driving force in relation to knowing when and where I have made such a valuable contribution.

This will hopefully bode well for current aims and objectives that we have of continuing to market ourselves and win some good contracts. In my capacity, my aim is to continue to sell and promote Autism Works to obtain further awards, including the Deloitte Social Innovation Award, an application on which I am currently working, which will hopefully attract funding. As well as simply providing sustainable employment to adults with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome, I feel that if we are able to show that, as a company, we provide a good service in being able to compete at market rates as our early feedback suggests, we have a good chance of such success.

As well as continuing to sell the aims and objectives of Autism Works, I have also set another notable goal for myself this year, which is to enter and complete the Bupa Great North Run, the world's largest half-marathon. Like starting my post at Autism Works was, taking part in a half-marathon will be unknown territory for me, and just to complete it, regardless of how long it takes me, will be a major achievement. To see how this progresses (including how my training goes) as well as how Autism Works develops in 2012, stay tuned to Adventures with Autism Works.

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