Friday 31 December 2010

New Years Resolutions

Welcome back,

I hope that everybody reading this blog has had a good Christmas! Now that it is New Years' Eve, some readers, particularly those in Australia, will see in 2011 earlier than some, now is the time for putting together New Year Resolutions. In relation to the eight week course that I completed earlier this month, among my resolutions for 2011, is to be more in tune with the present, rather than stuck in the past or being too 'anxious' about the future.

Right now in the present moment, I find myself procrastinating about what are going to be my New Years' Resolutions. It is one resolution to have to be more in tune with the present, but to be more in tune with the present it helps to be doing something in the present. I have to admit that over the Christmas holidays I have found out just how laxadazical I can be at home, which can be made worse by the distractions of what's on television, not to mention the abundance of Quality Street, Roses and various other eatables there tends to be around during the festive period.

Despite having had some difficulty coming up with resolutions on New Years' Eve, in my previous blog entry I mentioned that something that I would try and pursue more was the potential that the virtual environment within Second Life has in terms of being able to increase awareness of Asperger's Syndrome further as well as give training to possibly bigger audiences without me having to travel to venues or participants having to travel to venues. This is a resolution that I can expand into social networks and the world wide web generally, particularly as my personal website needs modernising. I am sure that most of you who have seen it will perhaps agree that it looks a little old by today's standards. But I am also aware that there is much I need to both learn and unlearn to enable this.

Hopefully, being in tune with the present will help me in what looks like being a busy month when we will be making preparations for recruiting our first software testers. What we don't often realise is that through temporary loss of awareness of the present is how when the present moment unwinds, it often influences the next moment. This in particular applies to decision-making, something that we will be doing much of at Autism Works early in 2011, I hope I am ready!

A note for me to finish on though on the subject of this entry, New Years' Resolutions, is that often, at the turn of each year, when we make our resolutions, an important one we often forget is to make is to see them through, in the sense that we say we are going to do this and that and don't often do it. Though I can't promise anything special, I'll try and make this effort when the time is right in 2011.

All the best for 2011,

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