Friday 7 January 2011

Going up in the world!

Welcome back to Adventures with Autism Works,

This week has been exciting in the development of Autism Works, as I have been to see our new offices premises where we are due to move into in two weeks time, and where our firs employees will also be based. The location could not be better, right in the centre of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and most importantly for our employees, easy to reach by public transport. Elsewhere, we have also applied for further funding and are also in the process of taking an even bigger step forward by making our expression of interest form public.

The new offices where Autism Works will be based are located in an upstairs room on Newcastle-upon-Tyne's Grey Street, voted the Best Street in the UK by Radio 4 listeners in 2002, in appreciation for its fine Georgian architecture. One of the key factors in the choice of this particular location though is its proximity to the Monument Metro Station. For many people with Asperger's Syndrome, including myself, being able to get to work via public transport can be a liberating factor relating to stress. For the best part of seven years, I had to drive quite a long way to work when working at Durham County Council, which quite often used to have me already stressed by the time I got into work, not how you want to feel at the start of what may be possibly a busy day!

Currently, the offices are empty apart from a few desks and there are still some promotional images on the wall left behind by the previous incumbents. Peter has arranged for the office to be given a much needed lick of paint and has also though about allowing employees to have their favourite pictures blown up and put up on the wall. He has hinted that this could be anything from an image of the Moeraki Boulders on New Zealand's South Island to an Iron Maiden album cover! Something else that he noticed when I went to have a look at the new offices were that I didn't mention any reasonable adjustments that I may need once we move in. At this stage, it is difficult for me to forecast this, as I am yet to experience what it may like once in the new offices. So often, I find that reasonable adjustments are identified through experience, relating to being in the present moment, where identification of adjustments unfolds.

Next week, our Expression of Interest form should become available on the Autism Works website which will be a major step towards taking on our first software testers as it will give us an idea of the undiscovered talent pool that is out there. So already in the New Year, we are in the process of making key transitions in the development of Autism Works. Changes and transitions can be difficult sometimes for people with Asperger's Syndrome to manage, but what helps me though is seeing the quality within them, as well has maintaining a refreshed approach when managing transition. Elsewhere, I have been introduced to some new software to make a start on 're-branding' my personal website with Weebly.

Please continue to watch this space as these exciting developments unfold,


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