Friday 28 January 2011

Settling In

Welcome back to Autism Works,

This week has seen us move into our lovely new office on Newcastle's Grey Street. We have settled in quite well  so far in Grey Street and I enjoying the freedom that public transport gives me when travelling into work. On Monday, for the first time in almost a decade, I got the Metro to work, and it felt great. Rather than having to concentrate on driving, being able to sit back, read a book or newspaper while listening to music is a great alternative. I have noticed each time this week that when I arrive at work after a Metro journey, I feel refreshed and ready for a busy day at work rather than feeling stressed from driving, which will hopefully make more more productive over the next few weeks, which I am expecting will be busy and will present me with new challenges.

The first thing that Peter noticed when I arrived at our new office for work on Monday morning was that I was 'beaming'. There was the novelty of stepping into new premises for the first time, but what I really enjoyed that morning and have continued to enjoy since we moved in was the very sight of Grey Street itself. As I mentioned in my last entry, Grey Street was voted the nation's best street in 2002 and I can see why. Peter has done well to acquire these offices for Autism Works. As well as being a spectacular street, it is right in the heart of Newcastle and close to plenty of places for lunch and snacks.

Though we have moved some office furniture, including desks, chairs and coffee/tea-making facilities as well as IT equipment, there is still a feeling of emptiness as the walls are currently bare apart from poster that has a statement that I think most of you reading this blog will agree fits Autism Works perfectly:

Tomorrow Should Be Ours

Both Peter and I remain confident that rather than 'should', this 'will' be the case, especially when we start producing better tested software that reaches the market quicker. With the Expression of Interest form now being available to complete for those potentially interested in working for us, we are really only scratching the surface of the undiscovered workforce with ASC or Asperger's Syndrome. Word is gradually beginning to spread though and I am confident we will have a few more expressions of interest before we advertise our first actual vacancies.

We have had some interesting visitors in our first week including a former ESPA student with a very impressive photography portfolio. Peter and I are interested in the possibility of him being able to brighten up our office wall and website with some stunning imagery, maybe including a photograph of the Grey Street curve looking upwards towards the monument past the Theatre Royal.

Please remember to pass on the link to the Expression of Interest form for anybody with ASC or Asperger's Syndrome, particularly if they live in the North East of England whom you think may be interested. Just to remind you, the link is In the meantime, but sure to watch this space for more updates in the world of Autism Works.

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